First there was All-You-Can-Eat, thanks to the Chinese. Next came All-You-Can-Watch (Netflix), followed by All-You-Can-Listen (Spotify). Now there’s All-You-Can-Read, called Kindle Unlimited, thanks to Amazon.

I’m a big advocate of reading and I happen to think out of all the All-You-Can indulges out there, reading a book never hurt nobody! My go-to, semi-famous tagline is #readAnything! And for $9.99 a month (or the first 30-days free), you can gain access to 600,000 ebooks and “thousands” of Audible audiobooks. Time Magazine crunched a few numbers and found that would need to read 16 books a year for the service to be “worth it”. However, the Washington Post reports that the typical American reads only 5 books per year. It’s even more dismal in certain (ahem) demographics.

All the titles you expect may not be available at the start, but the more people that sign-up, the more leverage a powerhouse like Amazon will have with publishers – just like we saw with Spotify.


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