Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Techo-Libeterian. “What is that” you might ask? Well, If you can imagine a politician who’s for “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom” somewhere in Silicon Valley, then you’ve got the gist of it.

According to The Verge, Paul recently spoke at 2014: Reboot, a conference that tries to draw techies to conservative politics. Much of Paul’s focus was on Education. I’ll spare you the details and share with you a brilliant tweet he posted a few days after his speech:

Sounds great, right? And pretty inspirational, no? But is technology really the answer we need to create a revolution in Education?? Mashable recently published, “The Low-Tech Reason Poor School Districts Fail Standardized Tests.” The conclusion? Stop giving standardized tests that are inextricably tied to specific sets of books.” The reason is because the textbooks are too expensive, so not every child gets one. And since the tests are derived directly from problems that require specific WAYS to answer a question, that may only be understood by reviewing the context, children without textbooks are being set up to fail.

Sure, technology can help; but, just like in Corporate America, Technology is not a silver bullet; it is an enabler. Mr. Paul’s comments are the very types of things people who don’t really know tech think and say: “A new system will fix everything” or maybe, “I’m failing because my IT system is not working properly”. No – YOUR PROCESS IS BROKEN). Until we have TRUE reform of ideas and incentives that align, nothing will change. So what we really need is not politicians calling on average Americans to use their intellect and ingenuity to develop great systems to solve massive problems. Instead, we need politicians to help rally the troops behind proven revolutionary leaders who show thought leadership who are empowered to make REAL CHANGE. Leaders like Dr. Steve Perry. You can’t argue with RESULTS, or maybe you can… #insanity

Unknown-1Perry is the founder and principal of what U.S. News and World Report has cited as one of the top schools in the country, Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. Capital Prep has sent 100% of its predominantly low-income, minority, first generation high school graduates to four-year colleges every year since its first class graduated in 2006. Dr. Steve Perry is a strong advocate of personal and civic responsibility in all aspects of life. He emphasizes the social issues that aim at building up both the individual and the community so that the next generation can be better contributing members of society.