Polo Goes Tech

10259-2411-453962700-lOnly a few months ago, Tory Burch entered the mobile-fitness-fashion world with stylish bracelets, designed to house your FitBit. Now, another mega-fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, is entering that very same market with an iOS-connected fitness & health tracking Polo Tech t-shirt. The high tech shirt is set to launch in 2015 (AppleInsider), but you may be able to catch a glimpse at this year’s US Open.

Legendary fashion house Ralph Lauren is making a big splash in the wearable devices market this week, as a number of ball boys and one player at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships are outfitted with new, iOS-connected nylon shirts that track health and fitness data.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The shirts are interwoven with a set of sensors that track heart rate, breathing rate, breathing depth, activity intensity, steps walked, calories burned, and heart rate variability.

  • Data is transmitted from the shirts’ sensors to a small “black box” that users are asked to clip onto their shirt, which in turn relays the information to a companion iOS app via a Bluetooth 4.0 signal.

  • The shirts are machine washable