Get Started

Get Started. Do Something. Just Do It. Go! These are all things I heard multiple times this week: in church, at work, on blogs. Check out a few highlights from an article I read this morning discussing this very topic:

  • Many people spend their whole lives waiting to be ready. For us, ready often becomes more of an excuse than a prerequisite.

  • Figure out the Minimum Effective Dose (MED). It’s the smallest dose (of information, skills, knowledge) that will produce your desired outcome.

  • People who have achieved your goals can be catalysts to your learning. You can save time and learn from their mistakes. I say this all the time!

  • Improve your knowledge acquisition by asking “How?”, or “Can you give an example of that?” This will accelerate your learning and help with application.

  • Done is better than perfect!!!!

The concept of MED is fascinating. The author provides the following example, related to learning a new language: “A chinese scholar understands over 20,000 Chinese characters, but you only need to understand 1,000 [Chinese characters] to be literate. The most frequently used 200 characters will allow you to understand 40% of basic literature (enough to read signs, restaurant menus, and basic newspapers).”

For more information, check out the source for this article.