Shop Assistant Turned App

What happens when a bakery assistant asks for similar permissions as an app on your cell phone, including access to people’s text message history and details of their past movements? That’s just the kind of questions most apps ask people everyday when you download them. Most people just skip right by it and click “OK”.  Watch what happens in real life when a bakery asks its customers these same questions.

Creepy, no? We use “Location Services” a lot – I am frequently guilty of this when I need directions somewhere or want to find the nearest Macy’s – this is one of the great conveniences of having a cell phone, no? It’s frustrating to think of not having these features. The extreme option would be to turn Location services off or only enable them when needed. If that doesn’t sound practical for you, PAY ATTENTION to questions being asked and check the box to “ONLY ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS WHILE USING THE APP”. If the only option is “ALWAYS” allow access – like Macy’s 😦 since this is my FAVORITE store – , definitely turn it off until needed. And remember, WHILE USING means anytime the app is OPEN, so be sure to close it! Otherwise, WHILE USING = ALWAYS.

Here are a few shots from the YouTube video.

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