What’s in your Pocket?

imgresAs I peruse my Twitter feed, RSS reader, the Internet and other sites I read daily, there are often  many times when I think, “Oh, I’d really like to read this article but I don’t have time right now.” After thinking that what would you do next? Email it to yourself? (and further clutter your inbox). Or maybe add an event on the calendar and copy the URL in the notes section? (that was my practice for a while) The REAL question is how can I save the article to read it later. There are many options (like Evernote, see more here) but my favorite is Pocket.

It’s an app / software / tool that allows you to create a virtual “Folder” (stored in the cloud) of all those articles you want to read but don’t have time to read them when you first see it. So, when you find yourself sitting in the doctor’s office (waiting), or maybe even the hair salon waiting (my pet peeve, blank stare), you can open the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and ready away! If you see videos or images, you can save that, too! Happy Pocket-ing!