New Delta Flight Options

imgresDelta Airlines is changing the way we book flights. Today, we get 2 choices: Economy and First Class. Starting March 1, you will have 3 additional options and we’re breaking them all down for you:

  • Delta One – First class on long-haul (LAX to NYC) and international flights

  • First Class – First class on domestic flights

  • Delta Comfort+  – seat selection at purchase, free alcoholic beverages, premium snacks and entertainment

  • Main Cabin – seat selection at purchase, typical snacks (peanuts and beverage)

  • Basic Economy – no seat assignment in advance,  no changes, no standbys, no refunds, typical snacks

So far this year I’ve purchased 2 Economy class tickets (Miami and Orlando) with 2 more on the way (Minneapolis and Seattle) so it will be interesting to see where these tickets will “land” when this change happens, especially what my upgrade will be – all my travel is AFTER March 1st. I’m presuming they will honor the rules at time of purchase, which means First Class for Gold Medallion members. Whereas, if you purchase Basic Economy after March 1st your upgrade may only be to “Main Cabin”? Who knows … My gut is telling me to book all my flights before this change happens. If the price is right, I will do just that!

I included a 90-second video from Delta below explaining the differences and a comparison chart from the press release. To be honest with you, I completely missed this announcement and just ran across it this morning as I was perusing my daily news feeds. To stay in the know, you can sign up for Delta press releases here. (And Marriott here, in case you’re interested).

DLCC-100 Branded Products Chart_v4