Boy am I ready for the Republican Presidential Debate tonight at 9 pm on FOX. Let’s be honest – people are tuning in to see what Donald Trump will say or do – that’s it. If you want a reminder of all the ridiculous things he has said, head on over to Cosmopolitan. Stephen King even created a campaign slogan for Donald:

So grab your popcorn and a cold one and get ready for a show! 

CLukCGoUYAALJt0Now that we’ve gotten that out of they way. Let’s assume everyone is truly interested (or at some point will be), with all the details of the 2016 Presidential Election, regardless of what party you support. Flipboard created a board focusing on the election. It has information about the issues, candidates, top stories and more. The board is called @2016Election and can be found here. The portion I particularly like is the Latest News.


If you’re in the mood for a little laughter before the debate, check out the video below of a phone call President Obama (Jimmy Fallon) placed to The Donald.