THE Best Kept Travel Secret

I love to travel. I would go to more and more new places if I could… maybe that dream will come true! Tonight, while doing a random Google search – and after all these years – I discovered a new way to search for and find the cheapest flight available. Given how much I’ve written about my love for Marriott and Delta, I’m almost ashamed that I am just finding out about this.

So what is The Best Kept Travel Secret? (at least for me it has been is lol) The site is called ITA Matrix Software. It searches all airlines, dates and shows you the lowest fares in a calendar view. You can even select the number of nights you would like to stay (i.e. 4-5). The results are absolutely astonishing and amazing! You can even select your preferred airline and filter out all the other noise, if you have a preference. And can you believe there is also an iPhone app that has been available since October 2011?? Geesh.

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to use the site.

Happy Traveling… 😦 🙂 LOL