Hyatt Unbound

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.14.31 PMThe Hyatt hotel is branching out and launching a new category of hotels, The Unbound Collection, described as:

  • new and existing upper-upscale and luxury properties
  • historic urban gems, contemporary trend-setters, boutique hotels, resorts, and more

The video release is also super cute with the theme, “The Freedom to be Extraordinary“. I love this. Why? Because, as someone once told me, I like to stay in fancy hotels just as much as I love to travel #truestory You may wonder why I care, given that I’m 100% a super Marriott fan. It’s because after participating in a status match program, I’m also a Platinum member at Hyatt #winning Oh and while we’re on the travel subject, today many major airlines announced non-stop flights to Cuba! I would love to add that destination to my list of conquests! Happy traveling!

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Buyer Beware – Budget Travel Sites

Hotels Fight Back Against Sites Like Expedia and Priceline

This was a headline I read this morning in the New York Times. It’s true that most people are not brand-loyal when they travel and will search all sorts of 3rd party sites to get the best “at-the-moment” deal. A few days ago I even told you about a new way to search for flights that can provide tremendous value. But – Buyer Beware when it comes to these budget / 3rd party travel sites. That doesn’t mean that I used these sites to PURCHASE anything. In fact, I ALWAYS use these sites to SEARCH for deals on flights & hotels. Then I ALWAYS BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE SOURCE. Even when I wasn’t loyal to Delta & Marriott I would do that. I don’t really know why ,I just do. I guess booking with them makes me feel more legit? (shrug) I’ve read too many cases where people use these sites and their reservations get lost, room types aren’t honored, etc. I’d rather not deal with all of that. Use the tools available at your disposal, but ALWAYS book DIRECT.

I’m saying Buyer Beware because:

  • Hotels can “see” on your reservation that you booked via a 3rd party site. We also know that they do not make as much profit/commission on these type of reservations. As a result, they can give you the crappiest room available and save the swankiest rooms for people who book directly with them.
  • Airlines are creating basic, no-amenity, no change, non-refundable no advance seat selection site ticket fares to fill demand from 3rd party sites. Delta calls theirs Basic Economy. as a Gold Medallion Member, I would never book that. Ever. Even’t if I wasn’t Gold. If you are rock solid with your travel plans and don’t care about a middle seat, then go right ahead. Just make sure you also read the fine print.
  • Hotels are offering perks for people without status – those who “Just Enroll” with their programs on reservations booked directly with them. Things like room type, Wi-Fi and selecting room location on your mobile phone are now offered by brands like Hilton. The offers look legit and like they may apply to ALL reservations but that’s just not the case. You must read the Terms and Conditions.
  • You will not earn points for you stay/flight. You’re giving up major benefits here. Loyal pays off, really. You can stay for free, eat for free and be treated pretty much like royalty wherever you go. I’m super serious here.

So ask yourself, is it really worth it? You may be saving $20 on any given flight or hotel stay but in the end, booking DIRECTLY with the travel companies almost always outweigh the GAINS.

Check out my Travel Section for more Tips and Tricks.

Marriott Terms & Conditions - WiFi only
Marriott Terms & Conditions – WiFi only
Hilton Terms & Conditions
Hilton Terms & Conditions
Marriott Basic Member Benefits
Marriott Basic Member Benefits
Hilton "Just Join" Member Benefits
Hilton “Just Join” Member Benefits

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THE Best Kept Travel Secret

I love to travel. I would go to more and more new places if I could… maybe that dream will come true! Tonight, while doing a random Google search – and after all these years – I discovered a new way to search for and find the cheapest flight available. Given how much I’ve written about my love for Marriott and Delta, I’m almost ashamed that I am just finding out about this.

So what is The Best Kept Travel Secret? (at least for me it has been is lol) The site is called ITA Matrix Software. It searches all airlines, dates and shows you the lowest fares in a calendar view. You can even select the number of nights you would like to stay (i.e. 4-5). The results are absolutely astonishing and amazing! You can even select your preferred airline and filter out all the other noise, if you have a preference. And can you believe there is also an iPhone app that has been available since October 2011?? Geesh.

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to use the site.

Happy Traveling… 😦 🙂 LOL