Hyatt Unbound

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.14.31 PMThe Hyatt hotel is branching out and launching a new category of hotels, The Unbound Collection, described as:

  • new and existing upper-upscale and luxury properties
  • historic urban gems, contemporary trend-setters, boutique hotels, resorts, and more

The video release is also super cute with the theme, “The Freedom to be Extraordinary“. I love this. Why? Because, as someone once told me, I like to stay in fancy hotels just as much as I love to travel #truestory You may wonder why I care, given that I’m 100% a super Marriott fan. It’s because after participating in a status match program, I’m also a Platinum member at Hyatt #winning Oh and while we’re on the travel subject, today many major airlines announced non-stop flights to Cuba! I would love to add that destination to my list of conquests! Happy traveling!

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