Scream Queens on FOX

I saw an advertisement about a new FOX series, Scream Queens, in a magazine on Monday. I recognized a few familiar faces: Ariana Grande, Niecy Nash, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, and more – all with blood splattered all over their hands. And of course, I chalked it off to a typical scary movie saga and I thought to myself, “Which black girl will get killed first?”. I had no intentions of watching Scream Queens but somehow, after watching The Muppets (and ignoring the show that followed – I spent that time shopping on my iPhone), I noticed Scream Queens was starting and I paid attention. It was actually very good! It’s like the cool version of a murder mystery in a sorority house! Everyone is trying to find out who The Red Devil is!!! (his/her costume is phenomenal!!!)

Of course it’s slightly cheesy at times, but it’s enough that you can’t get past it. What’d you expect? It’s Glee’s Evil twin (at least in my mind). You can watch the full 2-hour pilot (90 minutes online) on Fox’s website here.


Now, we all know Ryan Murphy ♥ Nene Leakes. And Nene Leakes ♥ Ryan Murphy. I’m a fan of both so ♥♥. I’m hoping, if the parents of these Sorority girls ever stop by (which they often do), we’ll see NeNe play Keke’s mother. It’s not too far fetched since she just played the Wicked Stepmother to Cinderella (KeKe) on Broadway honey! #Bloop! Tune next Tuesday at 9 PM EST for Episode 3 (1 hour).