Broadway – Now Streaming

Streaming is the name of the game. Spotify lets you stream music; Netflix lets you stream movies; even networks like HBO have dove into the space, providing anytime all the time access to your favorite shows (Game of Thrones any one?) Now Broadway is no different! Introducing BroadwayHD:

I just searched the site and there appears to be about 50-60 shows listed – all of which are older. No Lion King and no Cinderella which also means there’s little chance to see NeNe Leakes in Chicago without a visit to New York City. An unlimited monthly subscription will cost you $14.99 a month or you can rent shows for $7.99 each. You can watch the shows on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop/laptop computer, Apple/Google TV and even on Chromecast.

“If you can’t get to Broadway, get to BroadwayHD.”

Given the limited availability of shows I’ll mark this service as a pass (for now); but, as with all streaming services as time goes on, more content will be added. You can take another look at that time.