Samsung Smart Fridge

Everything is ‘smart’ these days except for maybe, people… How about ordering groceries right from your refrigerator? Samsung has a solution for that! The tech company is partnering with MasterCard and Fresh Direct (an online grocery delivery service) to offer touch screen ordering right on your ice box. A MasterCard not required (you can use Visa, AMEX, etc.). The new refrigerator will hit the market this Spring!


We’ve developed the entire app—the ordering, the cart process, the integration with the merchants. And yes, the payments,” DeVita says. (USAToday)

BTW: #IoT stands for Internet of Things. You can learn more about that here but suffice it to say that it’s a term used for everyday objects that have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. (Techopedia) Another IoT example I recently told you about is a Oral B’s Smart Toothbrush. Click HERE if you missed that! See… everything is becoming SMART!

Check out this video to see the new smart fridge in action!