Aunt Flo in iOS9

Apple completely missed the boat with the launch of if it’s Health Kit app in iOS8 by ignoring women’s health issues, namely Aunt Flo. Now, in iOS9 (release date is September 16th), Apple is revisiting this monthly activity and will be integrating data from a popular Period Tracking app with Health Kit, allowing women everywhere to track their cycles.


icon175x175The app is called Clue and I’ve told you about it before. From The Verge, “… for people who already use Clue, that change means that they’ll soon be able to see their period and fertility tracking information alongside their other health and fitness data.” The app is very simple to ue and works just like any other period tracking app. It shows dates for PMS, Period and your fertile window. Clue is available for iOS and Android. You can go ahead and download it now and enter your LMP data to get a head start.

Now, while we’re on this topic… if you’re not using a Diva Cup during this time of the month, I feel bad for you son. (see also THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN MENSTRUATION).


Aunt Flo

Bri Alys is a blog for women, so naturally we talk openly about All Things Women… If you’re not a woman and chose to continue reading, send this over to your wife for girlfriend (she’ll thank you later).

First, There’s An App For That called Clue. The  New York Times describes Clue as, “An all-purpose life tracker, one that documents a women’s relationship to her body throughout her life, from the beginning of menstruation to menopause.” I’ve used the app (iOS only) as well as others; but, this one is fairly simple and clean, no clutter. And best of all the app has no ads (knocks on wood). Be sure to approve it in Notifications if you want the alerts. Check out the video below.

Secondly, You Absolutely MUST use a Diva Cup. Yes, I know the initial thought freaks you out but TRUST AND BELIEVE me when I say you will not regret it. It’s a little slice of heaven on earth and you will not even feel it, at all. I’ve been using it a little over a year now and have not bought a single one of those “other” products since! Save yourself a few bucks and buy it online.