Room Keys Go Mobile

Most people know I’m a Marriott fanatic. I use my Marriott credit card for everything and I’ve been a Platinum member for  a number of years now – It’s what I call The Marriott Factor. About 6 months ago, Marriott announced that it would let users check in to their hotel room using their smart phone. The problem is that you still have to stop at the front desk (bummer). And I’ll admit I never use this feature (keep reading to learn why).

If you are a fan of Starwood Hotels, soon there will be no need to stop at the front desk and your mobile phone will become your room key! As noted in this article from Mashable:

starwoods“Rather than waiting on a long line to get your key from the front desk at the hotel, users can check in and set their payment method on the app. The app then becomes your room key. The technology works using Bluetooth and will work with any iPhone 4S or higher, and Android phones running Android 4.3 or newer.”Amazing! Don’t we hate waiting? By now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: What brands does Starwood own? The list includes: Sheraton, W Hotels, and a few others you’ve probably never heard of unless you live in New City or Silicon Valley. Few words of caution: You’ll want to be very careful with the Marriott or Starwoods option. Once you check in, I’m not sure how flexible the hotels will be in returning your money. So if your trip is tentative you’ll want to hold off. My advice? Never check-in the day before!

(secretly hoping my beloved Marriot is paying attention)