Small Things (tech, fashion, beauty, accessories and more!)

I am not a fan of large things: from pieces of meat (i.e. steak) to handbags to jewelry, large (desktop) computers, bottles of lotion, you name it. Yes, I know that in most some cases you get a better “value” by purchasing things in the larger size or in bulk as we like to call it – I just tend to not do that. Particularly when it comes to beauty, my Small Things approach allows me to “cycle trough” products faster and try new things more frequently (fun!) without becoming a hoarder! When you purchase the big/value size you are locked in for what feels like forever!!!! 😩 The smaller version also makes for easier travel – you don’t have to spend time figuring out “what fits” in this bag or what fits in that bag, you can just take everything! One other factor that has recently become a bigger influence in my purchasing decision is packaging. For example, beauty products with no pump, spray or that doesn’t come in a tube? Count me out!

This post features a few of my favorite Small Things in tech, fashion, beauty, accessories and more! Some items I own and a few are on my *wish list. Most are also great ideas for Mother’s Day. 🌸 Enjoy!


Compact mirror – Yes, darling! A super cute item to splurge on. Keep it in your purse or give it as a gift!






Key pouch – This is my wallet… really! Why carry around 10 or 20 cards everyday?? On a typical day I only need 3 cards (ID, credit card, insurance card) and they all fit comfortably in this pouch with room to spare. Hook this to my keys and I’m out the door! Need to add cash? Also no problem. (I do own one regular-size wallet but I rarely use it!) #downsize






Hand cream and hand sanitizer in the smallest sizes available. OK, this one is really a twofer; but, they go hand in hand (get it? ha!)









TSA Approved Quart Size Bag. Great for short weekend trips home or take it with you to the beach!






Bluetooth Speaker – Compact,  cute and the sound is good enough.







Everyday Handbag: LOVE! Do I have larger handbags? Yes (a couple)! BUT if I’m not traveling or going to work this beauty will likely be at my side.





*Jewelry case. How much jewelry do you own? (I’ll wait…….) How many pieces do you consider to be staples, meaning pieces you wear regularly…. 🤔 For me, it’s 2-3 rings, a couple of bracelets, 2 pairs of earring studs (pearl, *diamond) and 1-2 necklaces, that’s it!







Laptop – Small, portable, gorgeous! Get rid of your dinosaur and DOWNSIZE!!!






Moisturizing cream (night time only) – This is 1 of 2 of my pot-type exceptions for packaging; but, I do always buy the 0.5 ounce size for maximum freshness. This is one of very few exceptions for me when it comes to packaging, thanks to these mini disposable spatulas.







Lunch box. The perfect size, easy to clean and also includes a fork, knife and spoon. Plus it looks cooler than the typical tupperware 😬

1Keyboard, 3 Devices

bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480Logitech is introducing a keyboard that is capable of connecting and communicating with up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time. It’s called Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480.  An Easy-Switch™ dial allows you to switch between devices and there’s an array of supported platforms/devices including,  Windows®, Mac® or Chrome OS™ computer, or an Android™ or iOS tablet or smartphone. I love the fact that this keyboard allows you to get rid of all those cables and will definitely be picking one up! It comes in black or white (may get too dirty). The K480 is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in September 2014, for $49.99. Shop here.


bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480-2 bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480


Room Keys Go Mobile

Most people know I’m a Marriott fanatic. I use my Marriott credit card for everything and I’ve been a Platinum member for  a number of years now – It’s what I call The Marriott Factor. About 6 months ago, Marriott announced that it would let users check in to their hotel room using their smart phone. The problem is that you still have to stop at the front desk (bummer). And I’ll admit I never use this feature (keep reading to learn why).

If you are a fan of Starwood Hotels, soon there will be no need to stop at the front desk and your mobile phone will become your room key! As noted in this article from Mashable:

starwoods“Rather than waiting on a long line to get your key from the front desk at the hotel, users can check in and set their payment method on the app. The app then becomes your room key. The technology works using Bluetooth and will work with any iPhone 4S or higher, and Android phones running Android 4.3 or newer.”Amazing! Don’t we hate waiting? By now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: What brands does Starwood own? The list includes: Sheraton, W Hotels, and a few others you’ve probably never heard of unless you live in New City or Silicon Valley. Few words of caution: You’ll want to be very careful with the Marriott or Starwoods option. Once you check in, I’m not sure how flexible the hotels will be in returning your money. So if your trip is tentative you’ll want to hold off. My advice? Never check-in the day before!

(secretly hoping my beloved Marriot is paying attention)