Bri’s Favorite Things 2018

It’s that time again! For the 5th year in a row I’m publishing Bri’s Favorite Things, which can also be used a Holiday Gift Guide for your friends and loved ones. (See also: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014).

Because it’s year FIVE, I’m going BIGGER and BETTER and offering you TONS of options, so…. BUCKLE UP!


Becoming , Crazy Rich Asians, Make Your Bed, The Four Agreements, NotebookMildliner


AirPods, White Marble iPhone Case,*Tortoiseshell iPhone Case, HP Sprocket (case, paper), Marshall Bluetooth Speaker,*Popsocket, iPad Mini


FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway, Benefit Brow Pencil, Travel Size CologneLipstickBloom Perfume


Double G Brooch,*Crystal Alphabet Charm, Supreme Backpack, Mini Pochette,*Gold Diamond Initial Necklace (Silver)


Outlander (STARZ), Woman in White (PBS), The Crown (Netflix), Greenleaf (OWN)


Quarter-Zip Sharpa,*Houndstooth Tweed Jacket, Adidas Trefoil Tee,*Vogue Sweatshirt, Slippers, Rain Boots, Alabama Sweatshirt

Happy Shopping!

*items I do not own


Easy Photo Storage






Photo storage has never been easier (and free)! If you’re like me, you often get those annoying pop-ups on your iPhone that say your iCloud storage is full and to fix it you need to purchase more storage. Not so!

Google Photos is the answer that provides unlimited photo and video storage (all backed up in the cloud). All you need to do is download the Google Photos app to your device (iOS, Android) log into your Gmail account and let it do the work for you. Note: On your first login, all photos on your phone will be backed up, so this may take some time. Once done, every photo and video  will available online at: You can then delete everything from your phone and avoid those annoying messages/alerts.

With Google Photos, you can create albums, share them with others (via email, Facebook or Twitter), make a video or keep everything for your own personal viewing pleasure. Whether working from your cell phone, iPad or desktop, all your images will be fully accessible to you anytime, anywhere (and others if you so desire).

This tip has been added to Bri’s Commandments aka Tech 101.

You can also preserve old by photos scanning them (the high tech way) with Photo Scan (watch).


Private Photo (Calculator%)

Kids have tricked their parents for decades. From the classic “going to the library” with a friend response to “group outings” that are really double dates – some parents have learned all the tricks and are hip to these games! But it’s a new day. Kids are not just into old-school trickery, they are much more tech-conscious and as a result, you definitely should expect and assume they are using most adults’ lack of tech-expertise to fully dupe them in every way possible. Surely you have noticed the trend: kids join Facebook/Instagram and by the time adults catch up and “join” to keep and eye on them, their pages go blank. There’s no more posting or sharing. Adults are left to “enjoy” the site themselves. Why? By the time you find out, the kids have already moved on to another new, cool tool (i.e. Snapchat, see privacy concerns here). Kids everywhere are definitely posting/sharing on some social media platform – you just aren’t aware of what that is yet. Which means you can’t know what they are doing.

 So let me ask you a question – if you want to check and see if your kids are taking inappropriate photos, where would you check? The photos app that comes with our phone? The trash to see what has been (temporarily) deleted? The sent folder in your child’s email? All very wrong! Kids are not that stupid.

Enter Calcualtor%. It looks like a regular Calcualtor app and even shows a calculator when you open the app up. But, there’s a secret door! (Yes, like the hidden ones we’ve seen the film Indiana Jones). Users can create a secret code that unlocks additional functionality:

Via Mashable, “But if you know the right sequence of digits, you can unlock a hidden feature that gives you access to a photo album. Inside the photo album, you can import photos you’ve already taken using the iPhone’s native photo app, shoot and save photos directly from the Calculator% app and email any photos saved in the app.”

Be sure to check out the video below which shows a 34-year old District Attorney from Alabama exposing this “secret”. There are also other apps that do the same thing (shocker). You can check them out here.


Instagram has made just about everyone on the plant an instant photographer. Remember that amazing selfie you took – you know, the one where your hair was perfect and your makeup was flawless? What about that action photo you took of your best girlfriends? You’ve kept these fabulous pictures on your phone all this time, you look a them more often than you’d like to admit and maybe you’ve even posted them to your favorite social media site (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter).

Newsflash: print is back! Printstagram is a free iPhone app, specifically designed to get those amazing photos from your phone to the printer in a few simple steps. Printstagram offers unique sizes: 2 38 x 2 38, 4×4, 2 18 x 2 38 and 4×6, all at reasonable prices.  You can turn your photos into greeting cards, large formats (11×14, 16×20, 20×30) and our favorite – stunning contact cards. (Hint: the smaller version makes for great gift tags) Download the app now and give it a shot!