Easy Photo Storage






Photo storage has never been easier (and free)! If you’re like me, you often get those annoying pop-ups on your iPhone that say your iCloud storage is full and to fix it you need to purchase more storage. Not so!

Google Photos is the answer that provides unlimited photo and video storage (all backed up in the cloud). All you need to do is download the Google Photos app to your device (iOS, Android) log into your Gmail account and let it do the work for you. Note: On your first login, all photos on your phone will be backed up, so this may take some time. Once done, every photo and video  will available online at: https://photos.google.com/. You can then delete everything from your phone and avoid those annoying messages/alerts.

With Google Photos, you can create albums, share them with others (via email, Facebook or Twitter), make a video or keep everything for your own personal viewing pleasure. Whether working from your cell phone, iPad or desktop, all your images will be fully accessible to you anytime, anywhere (and others if you so desire).

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You can also preserve old by photos scanning them (the high tech way) with Photo Scan (watch).




The North American International Auto Show kicks off today in Detroit. All the big auto makers are present, including Ford. The automaker introduced a new app call FordPass. FordPass members (you don’t have to own a Ford) will be able to book parking spots in cities and airports, schedule Ford vehicle maintenance, speak directly with guides, and find out more about Ford products and services. The system can book a parking space directly with ParkWhiz and Parkopedia and access airport parking through FlightCar.

FordPass has four main focuses:

  1. a marketplace for mobility services;
  2. “FordGuides,” who can answer questions via texts or calls at all hours;
  3. “FordHubs,” which are actual buildings across the globe where customers can experience Ford technology;
  4. and a loyalty program in which app users can earn points and rewards

Ford also has partnerships with 7Eleven and McDonalds, which presumably will help jump start their loyalty programs (think free fries). One writer notes, “So revel in the idea of … needing to set reminders to get your car’s oil changed. Not long from now, those things will be Ford’s problem.” FordPass will be available in April and as an owner of a Ford Edge, I will definitely be checking it out! You can watch a demo of FordPass on YouTube.

Source: The Detroit News Mashable, Automotive Expo, The Verge

The Zero Marginal Cost Society

UnknownI recently shared a snippet about the sharing economy. While it may be good for consumers, Economist Jeremy Rifkin thinks, “the sharing economy is in the process of eclipsing capitalism, part of a trend towards products becoming essentially free.” Rifkin concludes that, “by 2050, [sharing] will likely settle in as the primary arbiter of economic life in most of the world.” (FastCompany)

His book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, explains that Zero marginal cost (ZMC) can happen when consumers have the power to make their own products, becoming “prosumers.” Or, when consumers can share products for free, as with house- and car-sharing sites.”

Are you a prosumer? Have you noticed any shifts in your behavior to buy less? Do you trade items more often than you have in the past? If you’re into this sort of thing, check out the Rifkin’s book review at GoodReads or take the plunge and starting reading it on your Kindle.