Easy Photo Storage






Photo storage has never been easier (and free)! If you’re like me, you often get those annoying pop-ups on your iPhone that say your iCloud storage is full and to fix it you need to purchase more storage. Not so!

Google Photos is the answer that provides unlimited photo and video storage (all backed up in the cloud). All you need to do is download the Google Photos app to your device (iOS, Android) log into your Gmail account and let it do the work for you. Note: On your first login, all photos on your phone will be backed up, so this may take some time. Once done, every photo and video  will available online at: https://photos.google.com/. You can then delete everything from your phone and avoid those annoying messages/alerts.

With Google Photos, you can create albums, share them with others (via email, Facebook or Twitter), make a video or keep everything for your own personal viewing pleasure. Whether working from your cell phone, iPad or desktop, all your images will be fully accessible to you anytime, anywhere (and others if you so desire).

This tip has been added to Bri’s Commandments aka Tech 101.

You can also preserve old by photos scanning them (the high tech way) with Photo Scan (watch).


Finger Scan

What if, instead of entering a 4-digit code or connecting dots, all you needed to unlock your phone was your finger print? If you have an iPhone 5S, you already know that your “home button” also doubles as a finger print reader, in a technology Apple calls Touch ID.

As always, Samsung has taken this new technology to a whole new level! Per CNET, “There are some clever touches however: you can register eight fingerprints — presumably your eight fingers, rather than eight other people — and each one fires up a different app or shortcut when you unlock the phone”. While we speculate on what the Galaxy S5 will bring, check out the video below to see the finger scanning in action on the iPhone 5S.