Spotify + Hulu

If you’re into streaming your entertainment, Spotify has a new trick up it’s sleeve. Now, instead of paying $9.99/month for access to its’ library of 30 million+ songs, Spotify is also including a free subscription to Hulu (on-demand video/tv streaming service), a savings of $5.99/month. The Hulu subscription will include ads; but, if you are into streaming tv shows/movies and especially if you are already a Spotify subscriber, I say definitely sign up here!

Once you do sign up, be sure to log into your Spotify account and activate your Hulu subscription – this won’t happen automatically. One other note: adding networks like Showtime or HBO is not allowed ☹️. The offer is valid until June 10th, 2019, or while supplies last.

You can also add live tv streaming to your Hulu subscription for $44.99/month…. 🤔👎🏽

Here is a list of tv channels currently available on Hulu:

Spotify and Hulu are available for download on all your (mobile) devices.

Amazon Echo

61f6gLIXBSL._SL1000_If you’re an iPhone user, do you ever fire up Siri? What about Google Now on Android devices? I mention before that I started using Siri much more on my Apple watch; but, did you know Amazon offers a similar product?

Amazon Echo has been out for a little over 1 year now and is the online retailer’s answer to Apple and Google. Echo has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon and is listed as a #1 best seller in Home Audio speakers. While the device is surely convenient and has many features, the most promising feature is the device’s promise to control your “smart home” by turning on the lights. You can also imagine, pre-heating the oven, turning on on an alarm, etc via it’s mobile app, Alexa, (iOS, Android, Amazon), described as follows:

Echo doesn’t stop working when you’re away from home. With the free companion app on Fire OS, Android, iOS, and desktop browsers, you can easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.42.29 PM

The future is near my friends (think The Jetsons, Iron Man, Back to The Future and  The Kingsman). Watch one of Amazon’s wi-fi enabled device in action below or get more information here.



The North American International Auto Show kicks off today in Detroit. All the big auto makers are present, including Ford. The automaker introduced a new app call FordPass. FordPass members (you don’t have to own a Ford) will be able to book parking spots in cities and airports, schedule Ford vehicle maintenance, speak directly with guides, and find out more about Ford products and services. The system can book a parking space directly with ParkWhiz and Parkopedia and access airport parking through FlightCar.

FordPass has four main focuses:

  1. a marketplace for mobility services;
  2. “FordGuides,” who can answer questions via texts or calls at all hours;
  3. “FordHubs,” which are actual buildings across the globe where customers can experience Ford technology;
  4. and a loyalty program in which app users can earn points and rewards

Ford also has partnerships with 7Eleven and McDonalds, which presumably will help jump start their loyalty programs (think free fries). One writer notes, “So revel in the idea of … needing to set reminders to get your car’s oil changed. Not long from now, those things will be Ford’s problem.” FordPass will be available in April and as an owner of a Ford Edge, I will definitely be checking it out! You can watch a demo of FordPass on YouTube.

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