Spotify + Hulu

If you’re into streaming your entertainment, Spotify has a new trick up it’s sleeve. Now, instead of paying $9.99/month for access to its’ library of 30 million+ songs, Spotify is also including a free subscription to Hulu (on-demand video/tv streaming service), a savings of $5.99/month. The Hulu subscription will include ads; but, if you are into streaming tv shows/movies and especially if you are already a Spotify subscriber, I say definitely sign up here!

Once you do sign up, be sure to log into your Spotify account and activate your Hulu subscription – this won’t happen automatically. One other note: adding networks like Showtime or HBO is not allowed ☹️. The offer is valid until June 10th, 2019, or while supplies last.

You can also add live tv streaming to your Hulu subscription for $44.99/month…. 🤔👎🏽

Here is a list of tv channels currently available on Hulu:

Spotify and Hulu are available for download on all your (mobile) devices.

Periscope – A New Way to Live Stream

1-sn55t-Ktzj4-N9Q4JUFR5gA new app from Twitter, Periscope, has 10 million users and it’s only been available (iOS only) for 10 days! That’s an average of 1 million users per day. Periscope, is an app that allows you to beam live-stream video to all of your Twitter followers just a touch of a button. While the video below shows a man in a hospital getting a stem cell transplant, you can also use it for weddings, graduations, baby christenings, board meetings and more! Now, if Twitter can only figure out a way to monetize this app to keep it’s stock from tanking, they may be on to something!