Spotify + Hulu

If you’re into streaming your entertainment, Spotify has a new trick up it’s sleeve. Now, instead of paying $9.99/month for access to its’ library of 30 million+ songs, Spotify is also including a free subscription to Hulu (on-demand video/tv streaming service), a savings of $5.99/month. The Hulu subscription will include ads; but, if you are into streaming tv shows/movies and especially if you are already a Spotify subscriber, I say definitely sign up here!

Once you do sign up, be sure to log into your Spotify account and activate your Hulu subscription – this won’t happen automatically. One other note: adding networks like Showtime or HBO is not allowed ☹️. The offer is valid until June 10th, 2019, or while supplies last.

You can also add live tv streaming to your Hulu subscription for $44.99/month…. 🤔👎🏽

Here is a list of tv channels currently available on Hulu:

Spotify and Hulu are available for download on all your (mobile) devices.


John Legend and Common won Best Original Song at the Golden Globes for the song Glory, made for the new film SELMA. The song is AMAZING. The movie is AMAZING. It is based on events that took place in 1965 on the famous Edmund Pettus Bridge, but the message is still relevant today – 50 years later. Definitely GO SEE IT.

Listen to the song below.

And here’s common’s acceptance speech (presented by PRINCE). His message is also AMAZING! #humanity #SELMAisNOW #IAM