The Zero Marginal Cost Society

UnknownI recently shared a snippet about the sharing economy. While it may be good for consumers, Economist Jeremy Rifkin thinks, “the sharing economy is in the process of eclipsing capitalism, part of a trend towards products becoming essentially free.” Rifkin concludes that, “by 2050, [sharing] will likely settle in as the primary arbiter of economic life in most of the world.” (FastCompany)

His book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, explains that Zero marginal cost (ZMC) can happen when consumers have the power to make their own products, becoming “prosumers.” Or, when consumers can share products for free, as with house- and car-sharing sites.”

Are you a prosumer? Have you noticed any shifts in your behavior to buy less? Do you trade items more often than you have in the past? If you’re into this sort of thing, check out the Rifkin’s book review at GoodReads or take the plunge and starting reading it on your Kindle.