Instagram has made just about everyone on the plant an instant photographer. Remember that amazing selfie you took – you know, the one where your hair was perfect and your makeup was flawless? What about that action photo you took of your best girlfriends? You’ve kept these fabulous pictures on your phone all this time, you look a them more often than you’d like to admit and maybe you’ve even posted them to your favorite social media site (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter).

Newsflash: print is back! Printstagram is a free iPhone app, specifically designed to get those amazing photos from your phone to the printer in a few simple steps. Printstagram offers unique sizes: 2 38 x 2 38, 4×4, 2 18 x 2 38 and 4×6, all at reasonable prices.  You can turn your photos into greeting cards, large formats (11×14, 16×20, 20×30) and our favorite – stunning contact cards. (Hint: the smaller version makes for great gift tags) Download the app now and give it a shot!