New Judge in Town in Easley, SC

204a09_f29214aa03744468b3fd1d6b21497258.png_srz_p_255_200_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The youngest judge in history has been appointed to the bench in South Carolina. Jasmine Twitty is just 25 years old and now serves the city of Easley,  population ~20k (2010 census). Twitty graduated from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. And yes, this is the same South Carolina where  a racist gunned down nine parishioners at  Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church back in June.

“The court has jurisdiction of cases that occur within the municipality. Judges issue arrest, search and bench warrants, conduct bond hearings, preside over preliminary hearings, bench and jury trials. Penalties for summary court offenses generally carry penalties of 30 days or a fine up to $500.00 or both, in addition to assessments mandated by legislature.”

I expect we’ll hear more about Judge Twitty and Easley’s outgoing mayor, Larry D. Bagwell, in the coming months.



Where Romance Rules

Looking for romance? Forbes has you covered with its list of the Most Romantic Cities in America. If you’re serious about finding Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, it’s time to travel South! 4 of the top 5 are below the Mason Dixon Line. Check out the cities below with links to a few of our favorite travel sites.

Amazon looked at cities with more than 100,000 residents and compiled data on the romantic products they bought, including romance novels and relationship books, romantic comedy movies, romantic music, as well as sales of sexual wellness products.

  1. San Antonio, TX: Yelp, Trip Advisor

  2. Seattle, WA: Yelp, Trip Advisor

  3. Knoxville, TN: Yelp, Trip Advisor

  4. Miami, FL: Yelp, Trip Advisor

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