Smart Jackets

Hey peeps, it’s been a while ūüôā Honestly, I really haven’t had¬†anything important to say. So, instead of putting out a post¬†just for the sake of it, I choose not to blog at all until, something interesting and/or exciting comes along.

I’ve already told you that I ‚̧ԳŹ collaborations and that I hope to see many more! Smart Jackets is a collaboration between Levi (yes, the jeans company) and Google and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a wireless¬†enabled jean jacket – that will cost you $350.¬†Mashable notes, “…for now the jacket is mainly used to control core features of your smartphone, like starting or stopping music, answering the phone or reading text messages, as well as Google services like Maps and Calendar.” iPhone users are out of luck – at least until Apple announces a similar partnership with another popular jeans brand and we all are again, forced to pick sides… sigh.

You all know I love technology; but, I do just have to say one thing here, especially in the age of leaks, breaches and hacks. The more connected we are, the more vulnerable we are and our (perceived) “safeness” lies solely in these company’s ability to protect their infrastructure (severs, databases, etc.) from outside intrusions. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this jacket or that you should¬†be paranoid about everything that’s connected or that we should all¬†go back using to flip phones. What I am saying is everyone needs to be aware. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), this is the economy we live in and the way of the world/future (see also Drones).

You can watch¬†Levi’s smart¬†jacket in action below.


thumbThere’s little reason to carry on conversations any more. Voice calls have¬†been dropping since 2007 (New York Magazine). Sure, FaceTime other video services like Skype have provided cheaper alternatives; text messaging is the new way to communicate. Besides being short, sweet and to the point, Emojis make communication fun!¬†Emojis¬†are¬†small digital images or icons used to express an idea, emotion, in electronic communication.

Emojis are regulated by the Unicode Consortium and they are releasing 250 new emojis. Yes¬†–¬†we need a group of people to define and create new icons and universal definitions so we can all speak the same language.¬†ūüė≥

20140702-092616-33976653.jpgEmojis are serious business! The #1 free game on iTunes is called Guess the Emoji. (Think hangman with pictures.) I’ve played it and it’s quite fun! There’s a new Emoji-only social network, called Emoji, set to launch on iOS soon and¬†Emojipedia – in case you need a little help with definitions.¬†It’s time¬†to have some fun – emoji style! ūüėé