Gates, Clinton on Global Connectivity

Wired recently released an exclusive video series where “Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton explain the positive impact of being plugged in on a global scale”. In this video series, two of the world’s most famous, affluent and accomplished men explain why their 2nd paths in life may be their best.

  • Episode 1: Connectivity will be an enabler of transparency for better government, education and health. Innovation is the key to the future.

  • Episode 2: Nation-State competition is not zero-sum competition. Never hold anyone back, build a future of shared success and responsibility. Look at what other countries are doing better than us, learn from it and work together!

  • Episode 3: To change the world, focus on things you care about. Ask questions.

  • Episode 4: Be optimistic. The whole history of humanity is one long battle between conflict and cooperation between us and them… keep expanding the definition of us and shrinking the definition of them.

Because I can sometimes be a nerd/geek, I decided to put this in an equation. It helps me remember things and an equation is always true:

Technology + Global Connectivity + Diversification of Ideas = Win-Win

In a nutshell… If we want better nations, better families, better relationships, better businesses, better schools, better __________: embrace what we each do best and stay connectedRead the article or watch the series and you’ll be equally amazed and inspired.