IBM goes Email

Mail-Next_new-img_v4IBM is making the leap into the (not-so) wonderful world of email. I’ve told you before about my own email annoyances in the workplace. One thing I didn’t mention is that typically when I get an email with multiple people copied on it, I spend about 3 clicks per person trying to find out who they are, what their role is and who they report to. This is all very important stuff to know before you Reply!


Verse from IBM – is a new email like Gmail from Google and iCloud from Apple. Verse is aiming to solve the problem I describe above and more! Even if you don’t plan to use it right away, go ahead and sign up here to notified when you can reserve your preferred username. Using email services of the past (i.e. AOL, Hotmail) is a sure way to date yourself – sorry mom and hubby 🙂



Gates, Clinton on Global Connectivity

Wired recently released an exclusive video series where “Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton explain the positive impact of being plugged in on a global scale”. In this video series, two of the world’s most famous, affluent and accomplished men explain why their 2nd paths in life may be their best.

  • Episode 1: Connectivity will be an enabler of transparency for better government, education and health. Innovation is the key to the future.

  • Episode 2: Nation-State competition is not zero-sum competition. Never hold anyone back, build a future of shared success and responsibility. Look at what other countries are doing better than us, learn from it and work together!

  • Episode 3: To change the world, focus on things you care about. Ask questions.

  • Episode 4: Be optimistic. The whole history of humanity is one long battle between conflict and cooperation between us and them… keep expanding the definition of us and shrinking the definition of them.

Because I can sometimes be a nerd/geek, I decided to put this in an equation. It helps me remember things and an equation is always true:

Technology + Global Connectivity + Diversification of Ideas = Win-Win

In a nutshell… If we want better nations, better families, better relationships, better businesses, better schools, better __________: embrace what we each do best and stay connectedRead the article or watch the series and you’ll be equally amazed and inspired.