ShopStyleWe are living in an “I want it now society”. We all want fast service and easy accesss when it comes to our food, laundry and music, so why not Fashion? iOS is, hands down, THE BEST mobile platform for shopping. Two reasons why: ShopStyle and Stylebook. These apps are NOT available on other platforms. And while most of these services are offered online, who does that anymore? My Dell desktop and Macbook serve specific purposes, and shopping is not one of them! To upgrade the way you shop, just in time for the holidays, read on!

Ever have an idea to pair a red hat with a nice, new sweater you just bought? Sure, you can check your favorite stores, but why not check ALL stores at once… for different ideas and inspiration? Enter ShopStyle by PopSugar! This app is amazing!!! Simply enter search text and it will show you offerings from a host of stores and brands like Tory Burch and GUCCI, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and even Amazon! Clothes, shoes, jewelry, home goods it’s all there! Our little search for “woman’s red hat” resulted in 829 choices. And if you find one that you like, but not at the right price, create a price alert and the app will notify you when it goes on sale, either by push notification or by email. If it’s time to buy your go-to face wash, do a search and see who has it on sale. Did I mention this app is only available on iOS? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Now that you have decided WHAT to buy, you MUST find a coupon. All sites have promotions that you can redeem ON TOP OF the sale price. You have two options: 1) Google something like Macy’s promotion code or 2) Download the RetailMetNot app and search there. Two other cool features include notification of coupons available at places nearby and of expiring coupons. You can also submit a coupon or verify if an offer actually worked for you. (If you’re in a store, Just show the clerk the screen and you’re all set! (also available on Google Play)

My other shopping favorite is an app called Stylebook! I am excited because I JUST found out about this app. And given that I will take 2 more trips to Europe in the next month, it is right on time and well worth its $3.99 price tag! StyleBook is “a closet and wardrobe fashion app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod” and boy does it deliver? It has been feature in Vogue, InStyle, Bazaar and more! You basically, take pictures of each article and mix and match right in the app! Once you get your core pieces loaded, it’s a breeze! There’s also an article that on How to pack 20 outfits in one carry on! (I HATE checking bags). The app allows you to take pictures of your clothes, create outfits and most importantly for me – assign them to days! I have always done a good job following the first few rules below, but that last point would always trip me up because once you throw off the “flow” of your limited pieces you’re in trouble. And that always leads to packing “extras”. You, too can say goodbye to checking bags by using the tips below from Stylebook:

  1. Think About Where You’re Going and What You’ll Be Doing. All work and no play? Or a little of both?

  2. Select A Color Palette. You know like, brown or black, gold or silver.

  3. Create A List of the pieces you will take.

  4. Record Outfit Ideas. Right in the APP!

  5. Organize. You can create a custom packing list by trip in the app. Think you did a good job?? Rinse and repeat!

  6. Schedule your outfits and assign them by day on your phone’s calendar!

  7. Try it on. (should be #3 IMHO)

  8. Pack. Louis Vuitton shows you how in The Art of Packing.

If you need more info, check out these videos on YouTube: StyleBook, ShopStyle, RetailMeNot, otherwise happy downloading!