Swarovski for Samsung

vs09-06_0921s_verge_super_wideI saw this photo this morning and almost fainted. Swarovski for Samsung… what’s not to like? I’m so sorry to admit this for Apple’s sake, but the smart-phone/watch game is officially #over for sparkly girls everywhere! I don’t know anything about the features or price but one thing is for sure – I want it! 

“One of the key aspects in wearable devices is providing diverse options for consumers to freely express their own taste and style,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung. “Our ongoing collaboration with Swarovski as demonstrated in the new Gear S Strap, allows us to stay ahead of trends and on the cutting-edge of design and style.”

High fashion and design from two trusted sources. Enjoy the beautiful images below!

Source: The Verge