Christmas Shopping Made Easy

xmasTwo weeks (mid-September) ago I asked my husband a very serious question, “When can we put our Christmas tree up?”  That may seem strange to you but not me! I love the look of sparkle and after all, the Macy’s in NYC (largest in the world) already has their displays out! So when we walked around the store last month, I naturally got excited! It’s now October and I’ve already bought gifts for the 2 hardest people I have to shop for. It wasn’t really intentional but I was bored this weekend! In the process, I also thought of 2 ideas to help you out!

  • Start shopping in January. Every month, buy a gift for 1 person. If you have ten gifts to buy, you will be done with all of your shopping two months early! Then, when the holidays roll around, you will not have to buy anything. If you have 12 people on your list, you will be done just in time. You only need to get organized to the point of making a list of the people you absolutely need to buy a gift for (having an idea of your budget is also important). If you start early, you can catch some great sales!

  • Buy in pairs. I use this approach for myself ALL the time. If I find something I really, really like, I usually buy more than one, in different colors. So, for example, if you have 2 sisters, buy them the same gift, maybe in different colors. Two neices? Then take the same approach!

489d30e32f502bf94a3b509c5a77b478Since it’s already October, you can still start now and take the weekend approach: (make your list, then every weekend between now and Christmas buy one gift!) Can you tell I’m ready for the sparkle, glitz and glam??! Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough for me! (that’s the day he said we can put our tree up!)

BTW, that’s a picture of my first Christmas tree from last year. Check out my post from last year to read about those adventures. 🙂