My Black Friday Plan

My Christmas shopping is just about done. I started a bit earlier than normal this year which is great because I don’t anticipate having any excessive bills during the month of December. That fact alone helps me focus my time and energy during the last month of the year on more important things like refining my bi-weekly budget for 2015 and adjusting my 401(K) contribution to meet the maximum allowed by the IRS, ($18k for 2016).

I’ve got a few more items to purchase – all tech – and I’m waiting for a special shopping day to buy those items. I’ve often found that my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE store of all time, Macy’s, has far better deals a few weeks BEFORE the popular day; but, for electronics, no day beats Black Friday! I’ve got my list and I plan to stick to it pretty closely.

Here’s what I’m on the look out for (notice I have already researched options and picked specific items I want). That makes my day more productive: I can solely focus on finding the best price for each item, rather than spending time perusing through a list of stuff I don’t want or need. I prefer no distractions when I exercise my 10 digits on my blinded out keyboard. 

That’s it – only 2 items on my list so far. I may add one or two more over the next few weeks but not many more. One key to snagging a good deal, not mentioned my previous post, is to be sure and check the manufacturer’s site along with all the major retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, Apple Store, Target, Dell (unlikely source) – basically any store you can think of that might sell the item you are interested in. I recommend against wasting your time on sites like that publish sales ads for popular stores – you’ll likely end up buying items you don’t really want or need.

Happy shopping (and planning!)