Unclutter your Digital Life

Cordies1Is your Digital Life complicated? Do you use multiple email accounts (guilty) or maybe have too many apps on your phone that you never use (guilty)? Start the year off fresh by Uncluttering your Digital Life with these tips from Mashable:

  • Upgrade software, programs and apps: This includes Java, Microsoft and Apple and others. The next time your computer prompts you to install an update, try not to hit “Remind me Tomorrow”.

  • Cut the cords — and organize the ones you can’t get rid of. Buy a few batteries and use a wireless mouse and keyboard or maybe even a vertical docking station for your Mac. It’ll make your surface look much leaner and cleaner.

  • Organize your desktop and browsers: Get rid of all those desktop icons you never use. Pick a bright new color or background and start fresh!

  • Organize your smartphone: Same as above! You should even organize your screens by using folders or maybe you want to group your finance apps together (Mint, Chase, Fidelity), same for Travel (Delta, Marriott, Hertz). 

  • Cut clutter from your inbox: Unsubscribe from all those SPAM / shopping emails and stick with only the critical few. For the most important site you read daily, sign up for Feedly so you can get quick access to this information at times when it is convenient for you. Spend an hour and clear your email inbox once and for all!