Goals Become Reality in 2015

QuoteI saw this picture from the BeFreeProject and one thought came to my mind, “If amazing means causing wonder or astonishment, what is the opposite of amazing?” Miriam Webster provided the answer: common, customary, mundane, normal, ordinary, typical, unexceptional, unremarkable, usual.

Think on these antonyms for a minute: Do people awe at things you do, places you go, perspectives you share, help you provide? What is most exciting thing you did this year that was of your own making? Have you accepted the plight to be (or remain) un-amazing?

The author of this post states plainly, “If you’re serious about 2015 being a great year then you have to plan for it. Period. Stop wishing and start planning.” Here are a few of her ideas which I support 100% (my notes in black):

  • Create a dream board/ vision board or a goal list + add action steps. Set goals just like you do at work: what are you going to accomplish each month? each quarter?

  • Read a book per month (read something that will grow you). Check out what I read daily!

  • Cut back on watching TV and being on social media. See also Buh-Bye Facebook.

  • No matter what stick to your plan. Stay focused and celebrate your successes as small as they may be: 1 pound or $1,000!

  • Post your goals everywhere. Use lock screen on your phone or you desktop screen saver.

  • Repeat daily affirmations (positive thoughts = positive life). Celebrate and talk about your successes and failures with your friends / peers.

  • Revisit your goals often. Review them as often as you pay your bills, monthly?

  • Envision yourself completing your goals. What does the future look like? Spend a few minutes thinking about this!

  • Take action — Start today! #DontWait

Use this free worksheet to get started. Then follow BeFreeProject on InstagramBE AMAZING!