Apple Watch Hacks

I absolutely love people!!!! (most days). We are so creative and inventive when it comes to coming up with inexpensive ideas to get things we want and even to get things done. This is one of the reasons I visit site like Mashable and Lifehacker daily!

So, now to the Apple watch. People love Apple but also hate the restrictions and the sometimes the expensive pricing models. If you want a Gold Apple watch, get ready to fork over $10K-$12K. Bands are also pricey ($49-$449) and may not be the exact design you prefer. A few ambitiously amazing people have found hacks to resolve both these issues! From spray painting your watch gold to adding an ordinary band to having your Apple watch gold plated by a regular jeweler ($400 for 24K gold plating). People are even requesting more hacks!!! Amazing stuff, right?!! Enjoy the short videos below and get ready to smile! 🙂