Favorite Things 2015

It’s time! For the 3rd year in a row, I’m sharing my favorite gift ideas for 2015 – all of which are things I have purchased for myself this year (why give someone something you wouldn’t want??!) Whether it’s your mom, girlfriend, sister or maybe a special treat for yourself, these gifts will certainly make a splash!! Enjoy and Happy shopping!!! See also 2014, 2013


Pandora Ring, Gucci Nail Polish in absolute purple, Fossil Watch, Sole Society Duffel/Weekend Bag, Converse, MCM Reversible Tote, Gucci Bree WalletKate Spade Ring Dish, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Parfum, Astrology Cosmetic Pouch, Tom Ford Concealing Pen, Cara BeanieBurberry Merino Scarf

Apple Watch Hacks

I absolutely love people!!!! (most days). We are so creative and inventive when it comes to coming up with inexpensive ideas to get things we want and even to get things done. This is one of the reasons I visit site like Mashable and Lifehacker daily!

So, now to the Apple watch. People love Apple but also hate the restrictions and the sometimes the expensive pricing models. If you want a Gold Apple watch, get ready to fork over $10K-$12K. Bands are also pricey ($49-$449) and may not be the exact design you prefer. A few ambitiously amazing people have found hacks to resolve both these issues! From spray painting your watch gold to adding an ordinary band to having your Apple watch gold plated by a regular jeweler ($400 for 24K gold plating). People are even requesting more hacks!!! Amazing stuff, right?!! Enjoy the short videos below and get ready to smile! 🙂




FitBit for Money

tokenRemember Bump? The Google app that allowed you to “tap” another app to transfer contact information to a friend? The idea seemed pretty cool at the time, even though it failed. What if you could use this same concept of “tapping” or “bumping” to send cash to a friend or perform other financial transactions?! Not with your smart phone, but with a new bracelet called Token (think FitBit for Money or Mint on your wrist).

BloombergBusinessWeek reports that token is a “next generation payment device that helps you be a smarter consumer.”

Glamour_AToken is a wearable bracelet connected to select payment accounts – from checking and savings, to credit cards, digital currencies, and PayPal account. Unlike a credit card, it features a security mechanism based on three unique aspects of its owner—something she is (a unique biometric like a thumb print or your heart bear), something she knows (a PIN or password) and something she owns (the device itself). Unlike a credit card, it becomes useless when lost or stolen as only your print (or pin) can authorize it. Since it is directly connected to your bank, you can easily lend money to a friend, or safely give your kids their weekly allowance.

Even though Artefact Group, the company behind Token, has no plans of bringing this concept to market, let’s hope Apple, Google or maybe even Amazon catch wind of this story and take the bait…

Smart Watch: Top Tech Gift 2013

imwatchChristmas is next month and I’m declaring Smart Watches as THE best Gift for Techies in 2013. People who are ready to embark on this journey, are what Marketers like to call Early Adopters. Because the product is so new, you should expect some glitches. You should also know that these watches will be expensive but let’s face it, (just like the first flat screen TV’s that hit the market) many of us have easily spent $250+ for a fancy new watch, like this popular one by Michael Kors.

Other than being a trendsetter or being addicted to gadgets, this list from Lifehacker shares some common reasons why someone may want to get one of these watches: 1) You want notifications but you don’t want to spend tons of time on your phone, 2) You want a timepiece that actually does something without paying much more for it and 3) You want a watch you can upgrade and customize.

Surprisingly, I was not able to find a comparison of features on a site such as Mashable, so I created my own using reviews from sites such as ReadWrite, Independent.co.uk and CNET as a cross-reference to see which watches were common. The top 5 were, in no particular order: Samsung, Pebble,  Sony, Meta and I’m Watch.


To make a long story short: color display, USB charging and compatibility are my CTQs. Why? (Despite the face that it’s 2013 and nothing should be in B&W) I travel a lot and can not imagine bringing along another cable or battery, no matter how small. And technology is all about connectivity – having a smart watch that does not work with my #1 gadget, Samsung Galaxy S3, is just not an option. That knocks out all the competition except I’m Watch. To be honest, at first glance, this is the watch I would have chosen because of it’s “cool factor”.  But now, after comparing the specs and aligning them with my needs, I can, with a little more confidence, say this the one for more to try. Plus, the watch is made in Italy and I just left Rome 2 weeks ago! (That’s a reason, right?!) So just in time for my birthday and the holidays, I’m Watch is the #1 tech gadget I’m excite about this year. (somebody cue my husband). This watch is very stylish and I’m already pondering color choices!