Coach is Back – Fall Lineup

I’ve never been a big Coach fan; although, I do have one black handbag. This has changed with the brand’s new Fall line or as I like to call it, the “Coach is Back” lineup. From Saddle Dot – every single piece has sold out (not before I could buy a hat) – to Wild Beast, the pieces are absolutely amazing, vibrant and very stylish. There is not doubt you can 100% get your Fall handbag fix from their new offerings. If I were rich, I’d buy at least 5 pieces from their new collections right now. Since I’m not, I’ll just wait until their next 25% off promotion goes out and will definitely plan to buy at least one piece below, assuming it’s still available – which one? that’s a secret! Be sure to sign up for their emails (bottom of the page) or check out their public Facebook to get the heads up (no account required).

Here are my favorites:

bordeaux, olive, black, wild beastwallet

Did you I mention how cute their #coach pups campaign is? Well done Coach!

Here’s the hat I snatched up a week ago as soon as I saw it. #score This collection sold out so fast, it isn’t even on Coach’s website anymore! ♥♥♥