Relationship with Things

It feels like everything I own is on the same team.

This is a quote I read in an article titled, “Every Thing You Own is a Relationship You’re In.” When I read the title, I was like yes! It makes me feel a little better about my annual purges because I keep only the things I absolutely love and also “like things” – meaning the things I wear over and over again and only the pieces that play nice together (mix-and-match). For example, now that I’m down to 4 handbags (all designer – hehe), they are definitely on the same team! What team? you may ask? The Fabulous Team, of course! No matter which one I grab they are all amazing (to me) and can coordinate with everything else – not necessarily matchy matchy – or add a little swag to any outfit and I ALWAYS feel amazing and fabulous! That statement is seriously so profound. That’s what your THINGS should do for you!!!

Our possessions are more psychological than physical. What a thing is is much less important than what it does to your mind when you own it. But it’s hard to see what each item does when you’re feeling the effect of a thousand such relationships at once. That’s why you need to audit every single object on its own, and why owning fewer things is better overall.

I definitely recommend you read the article in its entirety, click here for that. And if you’re up for it, read the comments as well – that’s where the true action takes place! Simply your things and your life! #readAnything #loveit

The real value in things is the experience they create for us.