Invitations the Easy Way

How do you invite people to the events you organize? Forget paper invitations – no one really uses snail mail anymore. Then there are invitations sent through email that get lost or even worst, those emails incite the dreaded reply-all. We won’t talk about group texts so finally, there’s word of mouth – you know, the events no one really takes serious until the last minute because of the informality of the “announcement”. Can you relate? If so, that’s about to change!

Invtd is a mobile application for iOS and Android that makes invitations super easy! After you download the free app, you simply enter all the details (location, time, etc.) then select the guest list directly from your phone’s address book. The selected parties will receive a text message inviting them to your event and you’ll get a push notification when they RSVP. There’s even an option to add the event to your calendar after you RSVP. How easy is that?! (Note: The invitee does not have to download the app to RSVP).

Check out the demo below for a brief tutorial and Happy Inviting!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.07.00 AM