Z-Gallerie Office

5334292e8186f48574cffe691bf01476.jpgWhat do you do when you feel like spending money, say to decorate your home office, but don’t have the space or maybe you just don’t want to actually spend your money??¬†Pretend! Visit your favorite website and add all the things you WOULD buy to your shopping cart. Be as creative as you want – there are no budgets, penalties, late fees or payments to be made in LA LA land! ūüėȬ†Here’s what I bought from Z Gallerie.

Bri’s Favorite Things 2013

I am so very happy to share my favorite things with the world! I have added every one of these items to my personal collection in 2013. Use this list for your favorite fabulous girl and WOW her this Christmas season. (click the image below)



If these gifts don’t tickle your fancy, think about the ONE thing you received as a gift (or bought for yourself) that you absolutely LOVE and gift that! The very best gift is always a personal one!¬†And before you click Purchase, be sure to check out my post: Fashion To Go, to maximize your savings an get the very best price!