House Account: Boutiques on your iPhone

Shopping at boutiques is great! Not only can you find unique items but it almost always comes with a personal experience. While it’s easy to trot down to your local boutique, getting access to boutiques in towns miles aways (i.e. Austin), is not that easy.

A new iPhone app answers that call. House Account “takes high-end personal shopping to the next level”. You can follow trendy boutiques from all over the country and stay updated on their latest offerings. It’s sort of like Twitter for Boutiques: Each shop has followers (you can view who they’re following) and posts of it’s product offerings; but, it also introduces this concept of “Members“, a new dimension to the Twitter analogy because it allows multiple people to “host” the account (Twitter currently only allows a single owner per account).

We’re presuming House Account will eventually add features such as shopping carts and single-click purchasing to make shopping more seamless (or maybe not) – one thing that would do is turn browsers into purchasers (currently you can only send inquiries/messages to the shop’s Members). We’d also like to see House Account add Categories to make discovering shops even easier. You can download the app now on iTunes.