Will You Marry Me?

1404719_10202382821193687_811824248_oI just read the realist of all blog posts about responding to a proposal. Everyone does not say yes the first time! The entire article is a GREAT read but I have to share the #1 reason why Heather Lindsey, the author, kept saying no: PEACE. It’s not something you can force, buy, concoct or dream up – it just happens: at the right time and with the right person. Trust me when I say, do not do anything until until you are absolutely sure you have PEACE.

side note: if you’re not sure if you have peace, that  probably means you don’t

Here are Heather’s reasons for saying no:

  1. I didn’t respect him as a man.

  2. I didn’t have peace.

  3. I wasn’t getting better as a woman.

  4. He wasn’t a leader.

  5. I didn’t trust him.

  6. I wasn’t attracted to him.

  7. I didn’t like his friends.

  8. He was so secretive.

  9. He was somebody else’s husband.

  10. God told me no.

noI can tell you RIGHT NOW that every single reason on this list is SUPER TRUE and more about YOU and how the relationship makes YOU feel, than it is about the guy. And don’t even think about checking that Maybe box! You should never go into a marriage trying to change a person. If you can’t accept him 100% just as he is today, there is no room for expecting a miracle tomorrow!