Just Say No

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” (Warren Buffett)

While saying no could be a missed opportunity to build a relationship or explore new things, it’s also an opportunity to focus on what’s important to you! Remember, we started 2014 with You Is!

delinceThe author of the article writes, “I learned that there’s a big difference between pleasing people and helping them. Being a giver is not about saying yes to all of the people all of the time to all of the requests. It’s about saying yes to some of the people (not the selfish takers) some of the time (when it won’t compromise your own goals and ambitions) to some of the requests (when you have resources or skills that are uniquely relevant).

The following tips from Time focus on ways to say no without burning bridges and jeopardizing your reputation. Use these tips while on or off the job!

  1. The Deferral: “I’m swamped right now, but feel free to follow up”

  2. The Referral: “I’m not qualified to do what you’re asking, but here’s something else”

  3. The Introduction: “This isn’t in my wheelhouse, but I know someone who might be helpful”

  4. The Bridge: “You two are working toward common goals”

  5. The Triage: “Meet my colleague, who will set up a time to chat.”

  6. The Batch: “Others have posed the same question, so let’s chat together”

  7. Relational Account: “If I helped you, I’d be letting others down”

Once you’ve exhausted all possibilities you’re left with number #8 The Learning Opportunity: “I’m sorry to disappoint. One of my goals for this year is to improve my ability to say no—you are a tough audience. I suppose it’s good practice…”