Cash Register 2Go

I’m back on my 2Go Kick but this time it’s not jewelry or books or fashion. Today we’re talking about transfering money from one person (or business) to another. These days, sending and even collecting money for a good or service is tough.

wsipeEnter Amazon Local Register, a simplistic and easy way to turn your mobile device  (iOS, Galaxy) or tablet (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire) into a Cash Register 2 Go.If you sign up before October 31st you just need to pay $10 for the reader (plugs into the headphone jack of your device) and 1.75% per swipe. That’s it! No hidden costs or fees. There’s also a mobile app (iOS, Android) for tracking.

So what’s in it for Amazon?? While it is the array of accessories that can be purchased on Amazon’s website, the nominal fees it will make on exchanges is not the real draw; rather, “The key for Amazon… is that its brick-and-mortar payments ambitions extend far beyond its credit card readers. Amazon wants to intrigue brick-and-mortar customers with its low-priced card reader, and pull them into its entire ecosystem, in stores and also online.” (BusinessInsider). That Ecosystem includes the likes of Amazon Local (a service that helps businesses set up daily deals). Try it out!