Campbell’s & Keurig – Soup in a Cup

Do you like your Soup in a cup? Do you own a Keurig? If so, this may just be the thing for you! There’s a new partnership in town: Keurig and Campbell’s Soup finally bring soup to your coffee maker.


At the moment, the soup comes in 2 flavors: Homestyle and Southwest Style Chicken & Noodle and are available for purchase at Amazon. The cost is is $16.78 for a 6-pack or ~$2.80 each and are about 70 calories each. Check out the 30-second how-to video below!

Drinks+(1)But is Keurig already behind the wheel? Single-brew company Bartesian is offering a similar “experience” in a product but for alcoholic beverages!!! Why didn’t Keurig think of this? Here’s to hoping Keurig will announce partnerships with the alcohol ic beverages we all know and love! (Jack Daniels, Honey please!)

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

I lived the life today in Seattle’s swanky, five-month old one-of-a-kind Starbucks, strategically situated in its’ Capitol Hill neighborhood (think the Manhatten of NYC). Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is not your regular run-of-the-mill coffee store – it’s a 15,000 square-foot $20 million dollar “experience”. If you thought Starbucks was more about lifestyle before, this new offering brings a serious social status / element to the table in an amazing way! As soon as you walk in you are WOW’d: tastings of rare coffee (I tried coffee from Tanzania), a full sit-down restaurant and large brewing equipment that you can watch in action! The store is as much about education and luxury (and coffee) as it is about lifestyle and offers coffee and beans from all over the world. Though the coffee ranges from $4-$7+ a cup, it makes for a much cheaper and cooler date than the movies!

Here are a few of my favorite products offerings and a short video: