iPhone Clutter

Does your phone look like this? Did you know iPhone clutter is a real thing? I can’t imagine how people function with all the extra “stuff” on page 1, page 2, page 3 …. 😳🤔

There are a couple of principles I operate by phone by: 1) No clutter and 2) My iPhone will not dictate my actions. How does this work you might ask? First, I don’t keep apps on my phone that I don’t regularly use (the Internet icon still works for one-off tasks) and secondly, alerts/notifications/badges are kept to a BARE minimum. I don’t want to pick up my phone and be given “directives” (i.e. check your email, respond to this notification or that notification). There are a couple I do allow: phone rings (obviously) and calendar alerts (THAT’s IT! no, not even text messages!)  Note: My default response for all notifications is “No”. This is important because if I’m bored and pick up my phone, I get to decide what to do (i.e. read a book, watch a video, check my email).

My main page is kept very simple and each app is intentionally placed with the things I want to encourage myself to do. Some are entertainment-related, most are not. You’ll notice a simple black background (makes it easier to identify apps) and NO directives. These are all applications I use on a daily basis so they warrant “home screen” placement. Please note, it’s not full…. this is intentional. Similarly, my lock screen is a simple white background. I can easily see the time and date which is usually what I need to see quickly (if I’m not wearing my Apple watch). Another screen I use often is widgets (swipe left). My chosen info is weather, calendar and activity.


Now, I have exactly two screens of apps to flip through. The main page above and a second page with nice to have apps that I do use pretty frequently. These apps are placed into folders to further reduce clutter. I intentionally made the image below as big as possible so you can see the “no clutter” principle still being applied to this page…

It’s almost Spring – start your cleaning routine by decluttering your phone!

10 Time Saving Tech Tips

techtipsI’ve told you this story once before but before I share the contents of today’s post I want to tell it again (for fun). Early in my career while playing a game of Taboo on a work outing, one of my co-workers, also a software engineer, started his turn to have us all guess a word. He grabbed his card, looked at all of us and said the following, “Control V.” That’s it. That was his clue. Do you know the answer? We all immediately guessed the correct answer – Paste – as in the keyboard shortcut to insert text you previously copied (using Control C). After that we moved on to the next clue, without even giving what had just happened a moment’s thought!

Tech columnist David Pogue shared 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users in a TED talk. Yes, this is how computer / software / techies think – all the time! What’s the SIMPLEST EASIEST way to get something done without exerting any extra energy or motion. I’m laughing out load at this very moment (literally). While you’re at it, take a look at my own personal list, Tech 101, and enjoy the rest of your day!